Intelligent color Sunglasses

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A new tech for a new era.

Using the chip technology + solar technology + flexible LCD technology, to subvert the traditional sunglasses.

Smart tinting sunglasses can lighten or darken to adapt to changing sunlight conditions in a half-second.

The advantages of smart discoloration sunglasses are the

traditional sunglasses incomparable.

Smart discoloration sunglasses working principle

Smart chips synthesize solar cells, convert solar energy into electrical energy, change the transmittance of flexible liquid crystal lenses by changing the voltage, and realize the intelligent photosensitive discoloration.

Smart chip is the result of many years' research and development of our company, with our own intellectual property rights.

The most core for smart tinting sunglasses is the chip, although it is as small as a grain of rice, but the role equivalent to the computer's CPU.

(Left.Chip magnification)                                     (Right. Chip real size, compared with coins)

(Left. Magnified control module)                       (Right. Mass production of control module)

The company took 10 years of research and development of ultra-low power control module, the world's leading, with independent intellectual property rights.

Flexible LCD lens is the 21st century, one of the latest lens material, began for high-end flexible LCD TV, Flexible e-books and flexible mobile phone screen.

Flexible LCD lenses for the field of optics are special products, a 0.65 mm flexible LCD lens laminated to a 1.25 mm virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate lens, made it aggregate thickness of 1.90 mm. Such a structure, it not only ensure the discoloration performance, but also meets all ANSI Z87.1 and European EN ISO 12312-1:2013 standards for high-mass and high velocity impact.

The core component of intelligent discolor sunglasses is a combination of computer chips and liquid crystal lenses.

(Left. A combination of chips and lenses)     (Right. Mass production of chips and lenses)

(product structure diagram)

(Left. Before assembly)             (Right. After assembly)

Transmittance of smart discoloration sunglasses

Flexible liquid crystal lens is very light in basic color, in the absence of sunlight or weak sunlight, the transmittance of the lens is 68% or close to 68%.

In the intense sunlight, the transmittance of the upper part of the lens is about 20%, and the lower part of the lens is about 60%.

In the meantime, with the change of light intensity, the transmittance of lens changes, between 20% and 68%.

Start light intensity and saturation light intensity.

Smart discoloration sunglasses has two very important parameters: start light intensity and saturation light intensity.

What is the startup light intensity?

It's the minimum light intensity that lets the lens begin to change color.

Now set the startup sunlight intensity to 2000 Lux.

In general, summer at around 6 a.m. in the morning, the light intensity can reach 2000Lux, and the lens start to work. Because of cloudy or rainy days, light intensity will still exceed 2000Lux, so it works in these day. Of course, performance is not as good as sunny day.

Stronger the sunshine, darker the lenses.

What is saturated sunlight insensity?

It's the maximum sunlight insensity to make lens darkest.

Now set the saturation sunlight intensity to 50000 Lux. In general, at 8 a.m to  9 a.m., the sunlight intensity can reach 50000Lux. At this point, the lenses become the darkest. After that, the sunlight intensity continues to rise (up to 80000Lux- 90000Lux at noon), but the lenses will not be darker because they are already saturated.

Smart discolor sunglasses biggest feature is based on the intensity of the sunlight, and adjust the gray scale of the lens at any time.

When the wearer is in the sun, or in the shade of the tree, facing the sun or back to the sun, the lens will be with very different gray scale.

This is because the light intensity varies greatly when facing the sun or back to the sun.

If you want to test its shading effect, wear it and looking straight at the sun.You will be surprised to see that there is no glare. Looking at the sun is like looking at the moon. This is impossible for any brand of traditional sunglasses.

In a word, its shade effect is better than traditional sunglasses, and the vision is clearer in the meantime.

Don't believe it? You can try it yourself and compare it with any brand of traditional sunglasses.

The lenses have had CE approval

If you want to see the complete report, please contact us. [email protected]

The lenses passed the USA ANSI Z87.1 standards

The lenses passed the US drop ball test

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