Intelligent color Sunglasses


The basic shape of the dyeing lenses of traditional sunglasses is rounded (as shown in the left picture). They are cut into different eye shapes (as  shown in the right picture ) before assembly, and then assembled.

The lens of smart tinting sunglasses is a flexible liquid crystal lens, and the interlayer is provided with a liquid crystal and a conductive film, etc., and the structure is complicated.

It must be formed in the LCD lens factory (as shown in the left picture).

In other words, the liquid crystal lens factory produces and delivers the product according to the customer's glasses shapes.After delivery, the shape of the liquid crystal lens can not be changed or cut ( as shown the right picture).

The glasses factory needs to weld the lenses with chip, and can be assembled only after rigorous testing.

At present, the company has the following lens shapes for option.

Lens type L-01, and reference style:

Lens model L-02, and reference styles:

Lens model L-03, and reference styles:

Lens model L-04, and reference styles:

Color available for lenses at the moment:

Grey, left fig.                                                   Silver,  right fig.

Customers can also use their own custom lens shapes, but need to pay mould costs. Because each new lens shape needs to make two moulds, one is the PC lens mold, another one is the flexible liquid crystal lens mould.

Possible ways of cooperation:

1, customers buy our combination of chip and lenses.

2, customers buy our finished sunglasses.

3,OEM order is available upon request.

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